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Web Development

I'm a full-stack freelance web developer. I've worked with PHP, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, and CSS, and some other JavaScript plugins. I prefer making custom PHP websites, but I have worked with some sites hosted on web builders.

I'm always learning a new programming language, I've dabbled Node.js, Python, C++, Java, and more. I also used Visual Basic when I first learned to code, but it wasn't my favorite, it seemed kind of limiting at the time.

If you'd like to learn more about my web development, or are intrested in having me work on a project, you can email [email protected] or dm me on any social media website (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter).

Here's a list of some of the projects I've worked on, and am currently working on. I'm always working on a new idea, so this list probably isn't up to date. If you want to know if I can do something, it's best to assume I can (or can learn how really quickly.)

Jelly URL |

Jelly URL

Jelly URL is a "next-generation link shortener" that allows users to schedule changes to where their shortened links lead. It also includes UTM support, a QR-code generator, and some other cool features, but the main service is the scheduled changes to the shortened URLs. Create a free trial here.

Skills Used: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AWS, Integrations with other services

Tasks Completed: Developed the backend and frontend from scratch, connected payment processing, and wrote a JavaScript library to help out

Advanced Driving Academy |

Advanced Driving Academy

I worked with Christopher Richmond to update a Drivers Education site that was started by another team of developers and never finished. We started by fixing countless bugs and eventually turned to making the site responsive. Once the customer side of the site was complete, we moved on to creating a new scheduling system for the staff.

Skills Used: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery

Tasks Completed: Fixed security issues and bugs, made the site responsive and mobile friendly, created new admin panel

Make The Web Free |

Make The Web Free

I started a project called Make The Web Free to develop free resources for web developers. It's currently a work in progress, but will be releasing some free resources soon.

Skills Used: PHP, HTML, CSS, AMP

Tasks Completed: Created landing page with email subscription option, created privacy policy


I've also worked on some experiments and tools to keep learning. Here are a few of them:

Chatroom |

Websocket Chatroom

I started learning about Websockets using NodeJS and created a chatroom hosted on Heroku.

Skills Used: NodeJS, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Tasks Completed: Set up chatroom server, created frontend

Text Animator |

Text Animation Creator

I started by trying to make an animation for my 404 page and ended up making this text animation editor tool.

Skills Used: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JSON

Tasks Completed: Created online tool from scratch

Password Word Generator |

Word-based Password Generator

I created a word password generator that uses a compressed list of 3426 words and picks a few at random.

Skills Used: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python (word list compression)

Tasks Completed: Compressed list of words, created online tool

Password Word Generator |

Password Generator

I created a cryptographically random password generator using pure Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Skills Used: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Cryptography

Tasks Completed: Created a nice little tool