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Free Resources for Web Devs

Here are some great resources for web developers
Written by Maxwell Pelic,

I love developing new websites, and I always try to make things as low-cost as possible. This has led me to discover multiple great free resources for web developers, and here are a few I thought I’d mention:


FontAwesome is an amazing free resource for icons, packed in a nice CSS file, or if you prefer, a Javascript SVG file.


Regex101 is a regex tester for multiple programming languages. It has a testing area and a step-by-step inspector of the regex you created.


Cloudflare provides free content delivery and caching, as well as a free SSL certificate for your site.

Google Structured Data Tester

Google Structured Data Tester is a great free resource to check your markup validity.


AMP is a great framework created by Google to accelerate your website and when you use it, Google can cache your site and load it faster from Google Search. is a free online easy to use color scheme generator. You can easily lock in colors you like and keep generating until you find the perfect set of colors.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights, created by Google, is a great resource to check the speed of your website and get helpful tips on how to speed it up.

I’m working on a project called makethewebfree to create more free resources. You can view this website to keep up to date with our progress.

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