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Nice to meet you

I’m Maxwell Pelic, a web developer and graphic designer based in Northville, MI. I finished by Bachelor’s in Computer Science Cybersecurity at the end of 2022, and am working on developing a freelancing career or finding an exciting job.

If you’d like to say hi, ask about anything on this site, or are interested in having me work on a project, feel free to email me at [email protected] or send me a message on any social media platform (Facebook or Instagram work, though I don’t check them all the time).

Skills I've Developed:

PHP Programming language flat icon

I have lots of experience with PHP, a server site programming language.
Learn more about PHP

PHP Programming language flat icon

I've developed many queries using MySQL, a database language.
Learn more about MySQL

Javascript Programming language flat icon

Most of the website I've worked on use JavaScript, a client-site programming language.
Learn more about JS

Hyper-text markup language flat icon

All the websites I've worked on use HTML, the standard format for web pages.
Learn more about HTML

Cascading Style Sheet flat icon

I've used CSS, a standard style sheet for HTML, to style the websites I've developed.
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Adobe Illustrator software flat icon

Using Adobe Illustrator I've created Logos, Promotional Graphics, Print designs, and more.
Learn more about Ai

Adobe After Effects software flat icon

I've created animations, edited videos, and added video effects in Adobe After Effects.
Learn more about Ae

Adobe Premiere Pro software flat icon

I've put together multiple video projects in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Learn more about Pr

Adobe Photoshop software flat icon

I've edited photos and created designs in Adobe Photoshop.
Learn more about Ps

About this site

I created this site to showcase my work using using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The blog has a little bit of Google's ⚡AMP framework sprinkled in, but I'm trying to move away from that. The site used to be powered with PHP, which generated the HTML files you're currently viewing, but I converted it to a Jekyll site to simplify things.

This site implements an SSL certificate to make sure your experience is securely encrypted and can't be intercepted by hackers 😎.