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Wordle - Looking Back

How does my Wordle starting word hold up, 2 months after I discovered it? Will my bot still be able to solve the puzzles?
Written by Maxwell Pelic,

A while back, I wrote a post about a bot I wrote in python to solve the daily Wordle game. Since then, there have been some changes (including Wordle moving to the New York Times), so I thought it would be a good idea to re-visit my bot and see how it holds up against the new version.

Also, when solving the Wordle today (as I do every day), I found the word to be a bit tricky. Without spoiling the word, I’ll say many of the letters I tried at first were incorrect, and I only knew two of the letters before coming up with the solution. I may have got lucky, or maybe my starting word eliminated many of the possibilities, and my second word eliminated enough more that I was able to solve it.

Anyway, I fired up my Wordle bot, navigated to the Wordle website, and entered the starting guess (which you can read all about in my last post). After entering the results from that guess, and then one more guess, my bot figured out the word (and was 100% confident in the word).

I was kind of surprised, admittedly, because I felt like my 3 guesses were something special, and the bot would take more than that. However, the bot was also able to get it in 3 guesses, and with less known letters than I had.

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