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Chrome has a new Dark Mode - how to enable it

Learn how to force Chrome to launch in Dark Mode on Windows
Written by Maxwell Pelic,

After years of waiting, Google Chrome finally released a Dark Mode in it’s latest version. The Dark Mode is automatically rolled out to some users, but here’s how you can enable it on your Windows computer.

Update Chrome

If you haven’t already, you need to update to the latest version of Chrome. Eventually, your browser will automatically update. But to skip the wait, navigate to chrome://settings/help and Chrome will check for an update and install it.

You’ll need version 74 or higher to enable dark mode.

Change your shortcut

You’ll need to use a shortcut to run Chrome in dark mode. If you don’t already have a shortcut on your desktop, create one now.

Next, right-click on the shortcut and open the properties dialog. Where it says target, add --force-dark-mode at the very end of the path (outside of the quotation marks).

Once you create this shortcut, you can click+drag it onto your taskbar.

There you go, should now have Dark Mode enabled in Chrome.

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