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Dear Google, please fix the Search Console

Google's search console has been having issues, here are a couple workarounds
Written by Maxwell Pelic,

For 17 days and counting, Google’s Search console has been having issues. For my site, it hasn’t updated the Coverage report (my coverage report shows 7/9/2019 as the last updated date).

This has been especially annoying since I just recently updated my website, and I can’t view which pages have been crawled and can’t tell if there are any crawl errors.

Here’s the biggest issue I’m having - when I do a site search on Google (, some of my indexed urls aren’t showing up. I’m not sure why that’s happening, but I know it’s a problem because searching for some keywords on other pages brings them up. It might be related to using AMP on my site, I’m not really sure.


How can you work around Google’s issues? There are a few things you can do:

Submit each url - the Request Indexing feature is still working on the search console, so you can look up specific urls and request indexing on them if they don’t show up as being indexed.

If you have a lot of new content, this is definitely going to be a pain. But it seems like it’s currently the best option.

Do a Site Search - as I mentioned earlier, you can do a site search with Google. It might not show all the URLs that have been indexed, but it’s a good start.

To perform a site search, enter site: followed by your domain name. For example, if your doamin name is, search Google for

Hopefully Google will fix this problem soon so we can continue to optimize our sites and raise our Google Ranks.

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