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Enable Dark Mode on Chrome Android browser

Written by Max Pelic on
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Finally, Google has released a beta version of Dark Mode for Chrome on android browsers! It's still in testing mode, so there might be a few bugs, but you can still enable it. I'll outline the steps below, and you can try it on your phone and see what you think!

For enabling Dark Mode on the desktop version of Chrome, check out this article.

Make sure your browser is up to date

Open the Google Play store and go to your updates section. If an update for Chrome is available, download it before you proceed.

Enable the Android Chrome UI Dark Mode flag

In your mobile Chrome browser, navigate to chrome://flags and search for Android Chrome UI dark mode., or just navigate to chrome://flags#enable-android-night-mode. Once the Android Chrome UI Dark Mode setting comes up, click on Default and change it to enabled.

Enable Dark Mode

The last step is to open settings (click on the three dots, and select the settings option). Then click on the Dark Mode row and turn it on.


There are still a few bugs with the dark mode, here are some I noticed when I wrote this article:

  • When viewing all your tabs, the titles of the tab are too dark to read.
  • When you hold down the back button, the history entries have white text on a white background, which makes them impossible to read.

The dark mode feature is still in testing mode, so you might find more bugs like these. I'm sure they will all be fixed once the final version is released to the public.

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