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Find Tabs that are eating your memory - Google Chrome

Find the tabs that are eating the most memory, and learn how to lower their memory usage
Written by Maxwell Pelic,

Ever wonder why Chrome is eating up all your computer’s memory? There’s a feature in Chrome that lets you view how much memory each tab is using, and how much memory each extension is using.

To view the memory usage in Chrome, the first step is navigating to the system page: enter chrome://system in the search bar. Next, click Expand... next to the mem_usage row.

Once you expand the details, you’ll see a list of tabs and extensions using your memory. The list is sorted by memory usage, and you’ll find tabs that have been open longer generally use more memory.

I noticed one of my tabs was using a lot of memory, so I closed it and re-opened it and the memory usage was cut in half. So if you notice Chrome is using a lot of memory, try closing the tabs you’ve had open for a while and see if that helps.

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